10 best practices that you can follow for your APM setups

  1. Don’t Build Your Own APM Solution → Since the market has plenty of options, so you no need to spend much time building your own APMs
  2. Ensure You Have the Right Tool for the Job
  3. Set Up a Customized APM’s Dashboard with the Most Useful Information
  4. Prioritize Critical Transactions
  5. Configure Custom Alert Policies and Notifications to get updates immediately
  6. Factor in the End User Experience
  7. Keep Up with the Manual Checks → At a certain regular interval
  8. Be Intelligent in Interpreting Metrics → Don’t Oversimplify it
  9. Train Personnel for Working with APM Tools
  10. Don’t Hesitate to Seek Help from Experts



Laravel Error & Performance Monitoring Tool

Actionable insights to resolve Laravel performance bottlenecks and errors. Improve your monitoring workflow with a full view of releases so you can mark Laravel errors as resolved and prioritize live issues.

Getting Started is Simple

Install the sentry/sentry-laravel package with Composer:

Add Sentry reporting to App/Exceptions/Handler.php:



Dump Debugging Evolved

Ray is a lovely, lightweight desktop application that helps you debug your app.

You can send anything to Ray from Laravel, WordPress or PHP. Ray formats the output and displays the origin of your calls. When installed in a Laravel app, Ray can format models and queries, track events, and even render mailables too.

  • Use in WordPress, Laravel or any PHP project
  • See models, mails, queries, … in Laravel
  • Debug locally or via SSH
  • Works with Javascript, Node.js and Ruby
  • Measure performance & set breakpoints

Ref - myray.app



Laravel Run Specific Migration

php artisan migrate -- path=/database/migrations/2021_03_02_131405_create_payments_table.php

Create Migrations In Different Folder In Laravel

php artisan migrate:make create_payments_table --path=app/migrations/payments

Run All Migrations In Different Folder In Laravel

php artisan migrate --path=app/migrations/payments