Sentry for Laravel

Laravel Error & Performance Monitoring Tool

Actionable insights to resolve Laravel performance bottlenecks and errors. Improve your monitoring workflow with a full view of releases so you can mark Laravel errors as resolved and prioritize live issues.

Getting Started is Simple

Install the sentry/sentry-laravel package with Composer:

Add Sentry reporting to App/Exceptions/Handler.php:

What is Sentry ??

Laravel Performance Monitoring
Quickly identify performance issues and view full end-to-end distributed trace to see the exact, poor-performing API call and surface any related errors.
Laravel Error Monitoring with Complete Stack Traces
See local variables in the stack for prod errors, just like in your dev environment. Explore the full source code context with frame to function data. Filter and group Laravel exceptions intuitively to eliminate noise.
Fill In the Blanks About Laravel Errors
Expose the important events that led to each Laravel exception: network requests, SQL queries, debug logs, poast errors. Learn in which version a bug first appeared, merge duplicates, and know if things regress in a future release.

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